Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology (MET)


"Media Engineering and Technology aims at the evolving field of nearly all aspects of information and multimedia processing. The study program in "Media Engineering and Technology" rests on the same fundamentals as for Information Technology, i.e., mathematics, physics, electronics, computer science, communications, and their related methodologies, with specialization and extension to media technologies such as voice, audio and video, multimedia, media design, information retrieval and representation concepts."

Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Grossmann
GUC Founding Dean, Faculty of
Media Engineering and Technology


Media Engineering and Technology is an area in the field of Information Technology which is developing increasingly to an independent study and graduation subject due to the huge demand for experts needed in the future. Handling of information and corresponding media for design, representation, processing, storing, retrieval and transmission of information are the key aspects of the study.

Programs Offered

Why studying

Studying MET at GUC, students will experience an international learning environment with the highest German standards. Accordingly, they will have a broad education in the relevant fundamentals and will be able to develop:

.: An understanding of the core concepts and highly practical skills of computer science. DMET students will acquire as well skills in digital signal processing,
.: The skills in computer software development and experience in the use of media technology equipment in major areas of application,
.: A range of transferable skills including interpersonal communication, independent thinking, problem solving and team working,
.: The skills to critically evaluate the fundamental technologies that underpin multimedia information systems and their authoring as well as the skills to plan, design, organize, implement and evaluate multimedia information systems using multimedia authoring tools,

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the MET program have excellent chances in development and research in management of media and IT equipment vendor companies, with media content providers, or any IT department dealing with information management. This program will equip students for a career working with computer equipment in the multimedia, film, animation, television, music, radio, printing and publishing industries. The opportunities in these areas are extensive and are expanding rapidly.


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