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Bachelor Thesis for Engineering

Course Prerequisites



As per GUC Study Regulations for the faculties of Engineering, students enrolled in the 8th semester of studies are expected to work on preparing the Bachelor Thesis as part of their Bachelor program.The duration of the Bachelor Thesis should not exceed three months starting from the registration date. This could be translated into 12 weeks/420 hours/35 hours per week. The objectives of the Bachelor Program have been derived from the general so-called Dublin Objectives for Bachelor Programs . Students who have finished a Bachelor program should be able to:
·        Show that they have knowledge of the most recent developments in their academic field;
·        Use their knowledge and insights (including methodological skills) to address practical issues in their field;
·        Give a well-balanced assessment of their own work from an academic angle, from the practical side and from the ethical perspective;
·        Communicate (both orally and in writing) their ideas and insights to a mixed public;
·        Work independently.


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