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Physics II (PHYS 202)

Offered By:  Physics Department

Course Prerequisites


This course is the second part in the series of Physics courses at the GUC for Engineering students. It will cover the complex “Electricity and Magnetism”. The course will deepen the existing knowledge in these fields in two directions. One is the understanding of the fundamental models in the fields mentioned above and the physicists’ way to describe and analyze the world. The second one is to show where and how the fundamental disco¬ve¬ries are present in the world around us, either natural or in man-made forms.

Text book examples will offer students a way towards the application of the new knowledge, which shall finally enable them to discover and analyze the Physics present in the world around. The major conceptual topics of the course will be: - electric charges, forces and fields, Gauss’ law, electric potential, capacitors and dielectrics, electric current and resistance. - magnetic fields and their sources, Faraday’s law of induction and Lenz’ law, inductors, motors and generators, direct and alternating current circuits