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For more information about the city of Berlin, please visit German capital’s official tourism portal ( that provides all important information on tourist attractions, in addition to current offers and events.

A Glimpse at Berlin

Founded in the 13th century, Berlin –Germany’s largest city- was made the capital of the new founded German Empire in 1871.

If you would ask a visitor in Berlin, whether a tourist, a student, a businessman, or a passerby, about what they think of the city of Berlin, you would be amazed by the answers you get. Holding the traces of both the east and the west, no wonder why Berlin is regarded today to be the heart of Europe.

Within the borders of this marvelous city, you can see the traces of a vibrant history. A history full of turbulences, that substantially shaped Berlin as we see her today. She would amaze her visitors with a deep inner beauty that has been formed over the centuries proving her endurance of history’s unfortunate struggles, her perseverance to faithfully embrace her people out of the shadows, and her enthusiasm to build a much brighter future. With all of that as a backbone, Berlin, became more than just the capital of Germany, it became a symbol to every Berliner.

Berlin would captivate your heart with her rich history, multicultural diversity, exuberant dynamism, and her bustling energetic spirit. All of this gave her this renowned international reputation. And because of this international reputation, she is a continuous focal point to students from all over the world. And as promised, Berlin bestows upon her visitors a global experience, flavored with an aura of excitement that would enrich your souls with a liberating adventure.

If you are passionate about history, you will be fond of Berlin’s intense historical events. Cultural enthusiasts will have a blast in Berlin, with her concerts, operas, theatre performances and museums. Nature lovers will savor every moment in Berlin’s landscapes; parks, greenery, large lakes, ponds and river territories. And no matter what you’re interested in, you will stand in awe with her cityscape marveling her architecture. In short, whether you are interested in arts, science, history, culture, or entertainment, Berlin is the place.

Major must-see places in Berlin are the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag, the Fernseturm and the Zoo.

Although Berlin is a huge city, it has a very well developed transportation system, allowing you to easily and quickly find your way. Her transportation infrastructure is highly diverse enabling a wide range of urban mobility; from its well-established bike lane system to rail lines of the S-Bahn, U-Bahn and the railways of the Deutsche Bahn, as well as two international airports.

Berlin has a humid continental climate. Her summers are warm and sometimes humid with an average high temperatures of 22–25 °C (72–77 °F) and lows of 12–14 °C (54–57 °F). Winters are relatively cold with average high temperatures of 3 °C (37 °F) and lows of -2 to 0 °C (28 to 32 °F). Spring and autumn are generally chilly to mild.

Weather Averages for Berlin

January2°C / 36°F-3°C / 27°F
February3°C / 37°F-2°C / 28°F
March8°C / 46°F0°C / 32°F
April13°C / 55°F4°C / 39°F
May18°C / 64°F8°C / 46°F
June22°C / 72°F11°C / 52°F
July23°C / 73°F13°C / 55°F
August23°C / 73°F12°C / 54°F
September18°C / 64°F9°C / 48°F
October13°C / 55°F6°C / 43°F
November7°C / 45°F2°C / 36°F
December3°C / 37°F-1°C / 30°F