Semester Exchange Program

Offered semesters

Offered semesters

Semester Exchange Program Disclaimer for W24 & S25

Offered Semesters for Winter24 & Spring25

Notes on Preliminary Course Offerings
  1. Preliminary Course Offerings (per faculty /major) are offered based on availability of staff and reaching the minimum number of students required for the program. 
  2. Some practical course work must be done prior to the departure to Berlin and / or after the return from Berlin as will be planned by the exact faculty – exact information will be sent to registered students. 
  3. English, German and Scientific Language courses will be offered upon availability. 

The following are the semesters offered to be spent in Berlin for Semester Exchange program:

Semester Offerings W24 & S25


Winter 24 Semester Offerings

Spring 25 Semester Offerings

Applied Sciences and Arts

3rd / 5th / 7th/ 9th

4th / 6th / 10th

Pharmacy & Biotechnology

5th / 7th/ 9th

6th / 8th / 10th*


 3rd / 5th

 4th / 6th

Business Informatics

 3rd / 5th

 4th / 6th

MET (all majors)

 3rd / 5th / 7th/ 9th

 4th / 6th / 10th

IET (all majors)

3rd / 5th / 7th/ 9th

4th / 6th / 10th*

EMS - Mechatronics major

3rd / 5th / 7th/ 9th

4th / 6th10th

EMS - Design and Production major

3rd / 5th / 7th/ 9th

4th / 6th10th

EMS - Materials Engineering major

3rd / 5th / 7th/ 9th

4th / 6th10th

Civil Engineering

3rd / 5th / 7th/ 9th

4th / 6th10th*


3rd / 5th / 7th/ 9th

4th / 6th / 10th

Faculty of Law and Legal Studies



*Limited electives will be taught in Berlin Campus for the 9th and 10th semesters
**Any semester which is NOT offered can be opened, on the condition that a petition is submitted Berlin Office
***Labs are going to be held in Cairo

Note: GUC has the right to cancel the semester offering at any time.


4. Withdrawal Policy

  • If you wish to cancel your registration/ payment, please head to Berlin Office C5.103, before the deadline to apply for a refund.
  • Refund policy of the company MAWISTA will apply, in case of refund of the health insurance fees based on the date of refund request.

Tuition and other expenses


  • Semester tuition fees are approximately equivalent to GUC tuition fees in Euros.


Travel Related Expenses:
  • Health insurance fees (200 Euros) and visa issuance fees (75 Euros).
  • Students’ Personal Living expenses (861 Euros per month) (as required by the German Embassy for visa acquisition)


Details and deadlines of payment will be sent later via email.




  • Students who are allowed to travel are clear non-advising and not on probation.
  • No makeup exams are held in Berlin Campus. Students who will travel to Berlin and miss the makeup exam period in Cairo will not be given a compensation make up exam. (No refund of tuition fees will be granted in this case).

Students eligible to apply are:

  • Applying for the Semester Exchange Program requires a GPA 3.5 or less.
  • Students with disciplinary action, advising and under probation are not eligible to apply.
  • Male students applying during their senior year should be clear from Military Service.
  • Students awarded Scholarships (whether partial or full) will be granted the same scholarship on tuition fees.

Online Registration Steps

Interested students should apply online through the following link: after reading the announcement and the related regulations carefully and pay a down payment from the living expenses. This amount is refundable upon cancellation.

Online registration deadline:

  • Registration:
  • All students in confirmed classes will receive a “Confirmation Final Acceptance” e-mail to submit their visa documents and pay the living expenses fees. 

Withdrawal Policy

  • If you wish to cancel your registration/ refund your payment, please head to Ms. Nervana Mohamed C5.103 before the deadline to apply for a refund.
  • Refund policy of the company MAWISTA will apply, in case of refund of the health insurance fees based on the date of refund request.

Rules and Regulations:

  • All existing GUC Rules and Regulations will apply for students participating in the “GUC Berlin Semester Exchange” program.
  • The same semester withdrawal policies and deadlines will apply.
  • Students taking full course load of a semester in Germany will be included in the normal GUC semester ranking (according to GUC regulations).
  • Students studying a semester in Germany will be eligible for make-ups according to the normal GUC make-up exam regulations. Make ups will be conducted at GUC campus in Egypt based on availability.
  • Attendance policy will be applied for all teaching and learning activities, including lectures and tutorials.
  • Any violation of the rules and regulations, misbehavior or misconduct will result in disciplinary action.
  • Students will have two days off per week: Sunday and any other day of the week as per the schedule.
  • A special Academic Calendar for students studying in Berlin will be announced. Official holidays of Germany will apply.
  • German Language courses may be taught in Berlin based on the level of registered students and upon availability.
  • English and Scientific Language courses might be offered based on the number of students in each course and upon availability.




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