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Exploring the Frontiers: A Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence Technology – Workshop at the German University in Cairo

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Thursday, January 11, 2024

On 11th of January 2024, The German University in Cairo organized a workshop entitled “Unleashing Artificial Intelligence...AI Unleashed” in collaboration with the global software company Microsoft.

A scientific committee carried out by Dr. Ahmed Wehbe and Dr.George Fahim, professors at the German University of Cairo's Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts who was joined by a panel of Microsoft experts.

They provided a comprehensive explanation with regard to artificial intelligence, which is a mimic of human thought processes, they gave a thorough explanation of the concept and its significance in light of the current technological era,when the impact of these technologies, such as artificial intelligence technology, is accelerating, as it has become one of the most important mechanisms, it plays a vital role in all sectors, including health, education, industrial, agricultural, and others, which requires comprehensive action from all sectors of society, starting from individuals all the way to the economic and governmental sectors.

During the workshop, Eng. Ahmed Salama, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Egypt, Eng.Amr Ibrahim, Data and Artificial Intelligence Solutions Officer at Microsoft Egypt, and Eng. Rami Kalachi, Cybersecurity Officer at Microsoft Africa, also spoke about artificial intelligence applications and tools that everyone can benefit from. Individually, he uses it in his field of specialization, including the ChatGPT application, as it is one of the most famous and important artificial intelligence tools that has spread recently. It is a chatbot that allows users to ask questions and discuss in a way that takes on the character of a real, interactive discussion, also contains a wide knowledge base, covering many fields and topics, as it can be used to draft articles, solve mathematical equations, write or verify the accuracy of HTML codes, as well as provide creative ideas for graphic designs, in addition to helping to create readable text on demand in a variety of styles and voices.

The workshop comes in light of the German university’s interest as a center of excellence in knowledge production and dissemination, and its keenness to keep pace with the accelerating changes in technology and the future trends in various fields of artificial intelligence, which contributes to supporting projects based primarily on That technology.

Finally, the workshop was attended by faculty members and students from the colleges of engineering, pharmacy, applied sciences, arts, and management, which reflects the broad interest in the field of artificial intelligence and its use in various disciplines



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