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Amr Kawashti

In Academic
Thursday, February 8, 2024

An Egyptian entrepreneur with expertise in e-commerce, growth hacking and fashion. Helped in launching & building the online identity of Startups in Germany, Ireland, USA & Egypt. Amr Kawashti, GUC graduate from the faculty of Engineering & Materials Sciences in 2018 majoring in Mechatronics.

After graduating from the German University in Cairo, Amr had various internship opportunities in Egypt and abroad.

Amr Co-founded IN YOUR SHOE in 2018 with his partner Ezz Tarek, with the goal of enabling the next generaton to express themselves through fashion. According to Amr, the primary factor that makes IN YOUR SHOE one of the top homegrown brands in the area is that they share the same generation and language with their clients. It is a direct-to-consumer fashion brand with more than 75 product lines and 7 stores across Egypt. IN YOUR SHOE currently has over 90,000 customers and has sold approximately 400,000 pieces in 20 countries, with most sales from Egypt and GCC.

In continuation to the great success of “IN YOUR SHOE” as a booming startup, during the last two years, Amr and his co-founder were successfully listed in Forbes 30 under 30 for the Middle East, which lists the region’s 120 most impactful young innovators, determined to change the world around them. “IN YOUR SHOE” was listed under the category of E-commerce & Finance.

Additionally in 2022, “IN YOUR SHOE” was awarded the fashion brand of the year for the fashion and apparel category and this was under Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards: which is a platform that equally and inclusively celebrates, recognizes, and connects the most innovative, successful and resilient entrepreneurs in Egypt - the "People of Now” - who are driving change and supporting the country's economy in the various industries in which they operate.



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