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GUC Ulm Quantum Technologies School and Workshop

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

The GUC Ulm Quantum Technologies School and Workshop is a three days workshop that was held from 13th of November until 16th of November 2022. The workshop included intensive lectures and hands-on practical experience workshops on quantum technologies.  The workshop introduced undergraduate, postgraduate students as well as senior researchers to basics and cutting-edge research in quantum technologies. This includes quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum imaging and quantum sensing. It also provides a forum for scientific exchange, networking and collaboration between German and Egyptian scientists working on quantum technologies.  


This year we had distinguished speakers from Germany and Egypt:


  • Prof. Fedor Jelezko - Director of the Institute of Quantum Optics, Ulm University
  • Prof. Arno Rauschenbeutel – Humboldt University Berlin (Former PhD student of Serge Haroche, winner of 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics)
  • Prof. Joachim von Zanthier – Erlangen - Nürnberg University (Former PhD student of Alain Aspect, winner of 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics)
  • Prof. Ahmed Younes – Quantum Computing Group, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University
  • Prof. Salem Hegazy – Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences Cairo University and Zewail City of Science and Technology.


The Quantum Technologies School and Workshop was organized by the Information Engineering and Technology- IET Faculty, GUC laboratory of Micro Optics and funded by German Academic Exchange Service- DAAD. The workshop was part of the activity “Science Hub at GUC” with participants from the Middle East and North Africa- MENA region.





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