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GUC seminar on “Arbitration as an Alternative to Litigation”

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

GUC’s Faculty of Law and Legal Studies invited Dr. Alexander Heller, an expert in the field of international commercial and investment arbitration at LALIFE International Law Firm in Geneva, to host a discussion seminar entitled “The Concept of Arbitration as an Alternative to Litigation.”  The symposium goal was clarifying ways to apply the rules of international arbitration in resolving legal cases as an alternative to litigation before the state courts, elicit concepts and provisions of arbitration agreements and their role in shaping public policies.

 This symposium came in a timely manner, especially in light of the increasing resort to it as a mean for settling disputes, given the advantages it provides and following the rapid development that has occurred in the means of electronic and written communications related to crimes listed on the commercial and investment system. In addition, this system provides advantages to contracting parties from different countries as a protective shield for the disputing parties’ lack of knowledge of the procedural substantive rules applied in foreign law usually stipulated as an arbitration condition in the original contract concluded between the two parties.


This symposium is part of a series of symposia that the University is keen to organize in order to provide students with an opportunity for direct communication with a group of international experts and specialists in the legal fields. This is to benefit from their expertise, which contributes to expanding their perceptions and understanding of the increasing global changes and the issuance of many laws.  These new laws include: environmental, cybercrime, migration, international trade, multilateral criminal cases and others, which requires that the faculty’s  graduate is of a special nature, who understands the spirit of the law and is fluent in applying its texts, and responds professionally to the argument with the argument in local and global issues.

Guest Speaker Dr. Alexander Heller studied law at Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg, Germany and obtained a PHD in law for his thesis entitled “Arbitration in the Arab Countries”. His professional experience emerges in the field of international commercial and investment arbitration with a focus on the Middle East region. He is also a member of the Frankfurt Bar Association in 2021.