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The GUC and the German Embassy in Cairo Ensure Germany's Support for the Upcoming COP 27 hosted by Egypt in Sharm el-Sheikh

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The GUC organized an awareness campaign on 22 March 2022 for the university community on water issues and the importance of preserving Egypt’s natural resources in celebration of "World Water Day 2022."


A competition was launched on 22 March at the GUC campus, with the slogan “Ground Water - Revealing What the Eyes Can’t See”, under the supervision of Dr. Mustafa Baraka, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science and Director of the Civil Engineering Program.  Teams comprised of 10 students each from faculties of Civil and Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Media Engineering Computer Science and Applied Sciences and Arts have participated.


Each team reviewed its proposed project, which was designed in the form of a poster with an explanation of the project that corresponds to the main theme of the competition chosen by the United Nations. For this year, the idea revolved around that groundwater that does not appear to be visible, as it is the source of fresh water running in the world. Nonetheless, its impact appears everywhere and plays a key role for arid regions as they use groundwater for drinking, sanitation, food production and industry.


Assistant Professor of the Civil Engineering Program Dr. Sherine ElBaradei supervised the development of the competition topics and collaborated with faculty members in evaluating the appropriate creative solutions presented by students to deal with the exacerbation of the phenomenon of pandemic climate change and its impact on water resources and groundwater quality.


Dr. Baraka explained that the GUC’s participation comes within the framework of the university's keenness to involve its youth in facing environmental challenges and finding proactive innovative solutions that contribute to achieving sustainable development goals, including goal number 6, which is concerned with the right of everyone to clean water and sanitation facilities by 2030.


The Head of the Scientific Department and Head of Protocol Department at the German Embassy in Cairo Philippe Maupai, who participated in the GUC’s celebration, praised the students’ keenness to find effective solutions to protect the environment and conserve water as one of the most important issues of the current century, which is at the forefront of global attention. Maupai highlighted the existing cooperation between the German Embassy in Cairo and the Ministry of Environment in issues related to the environment and climate change. He pointed out that this cooperation continues on a regular basis through the holding of the Cairo Climate Talks Forum (CCT) since 2011 in cooperation with German and Egyptian institutions, stressing Germany’s support for Egypt’s hosting the COP27 Climate Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2022.