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GUC’s Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science hosts the Mechatronics Annual Robot Exhibition

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

The GUC Mechatronics students from the Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science designed nearly 100 applied research projects for what they had studied during their first semester. GUC President Prof. Dr. Eng. Yasser Hegazy inspected the projects that were implemented at the GUC Industry Park (Industrial Complex) on campus, and at the faculty’s labs according to the model of designing and manufacturing of an agreed upon machine guided by the department’s professors.


According to this guidance, students inspired a number of ideas, which were applied to manufacture a variety of models such as machines for printing, lifting luggage and storing them automatically. Classifying and distributing a product into squares and rectangles according to its size, color and length as well as machines for cutting wood and papers, pressing metal cans and grinding coffee beans.    


The Head of the Industrial Automation Department Dr. Hisham el-Sherif stated that the GUC Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science aims to organize such exhibitions after the end of each semester, to train students to apply what they have studied. The main aim is to provide them with the skills necessary to manage future projects and to arm them with the necessary tools to achieve success. Dr. El-Sherif pointed out that the faculty’s fundamental and academic role is to qualify and prepare cadres to achieve sustainable economic development and to provide executable and practical projects that fit the local and international market needs.