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Sara Hegy Wins Richtzenhain German Doctoral Prize for the year 2021

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

With her scientific achievement, GUC graduate Sarah Hegy adds a new breakthrough scientific achievement to the records of GUC Alumni worldwide network. She dug a place for herself in the #we_GUCians wall of fame in 2021 by winning the Richtzenhain German Doctoral Prize awarded by the German Center for Cancer Research and Heidelberg University in Germany. The latter is one of the largest universities in the field of cancer sciences.  A financial grant was also provided of an estimated $2.7 million from the Huntsman Cancer Institute in the United States to complete research on the unique findings she reached after her research was published in Nature in 2020, which is one of the most important and famous scientific journals in the world.


As an alumna of GUC’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology which enriched her with a very strong scientific all-rounded foundation, Sara astoundly achieved this new discovery in the field of cancerous tumors. She proved the impact of women’s sexual hormones, such as estrogen, on non-sexual organs, such as the intestines and pancreas, which contributed to the explanation of the phenomenon that puzzled many scientists about the high proportion of these hormones around the area of ​​cancerous tumors in the organs of the digestive system.


Consequently, Hegy’s PhD’s research is considered the first of its kind that proves the existence of a relative relationship between these hormones and the enlargement of the size of the cancerous tumor in this part of the body.

In her research, Hegy  proved that when these hormones are secreted from the ovary, they go to the stem cells in the intestine, which are the raw materials in the body from which all other cells, with specialized functions, are generated and divided to form more new cells.  When there is a defect in the nature of the work of these cells,  complications occur, as increasing their division than normal affects the size of the intestine to absorb more nutrients, which leads to infections, stomach aging and the development of cancerous tumors.


Sara has extended her contribution to humanity by building her coaching business. She helps high-achiever managers and entrepreneurs discover freedom and happiness in their lives so that they are powerfully and effectively expanding their performance and Leadership across the different areas of their lives.


Sara works with individuals and businesses to help them discover which disempowering self-limiting beliefs about themselves and their lives lies at the source of their ineffective leadership, sub-optimal performance or quality of life. 


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