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Brick Thru شباب مصري يخترق الحوائط (الجدران) بالتكنولوجيا

In Awards & Honors
Sunday, December 12, 2021

The GUC congratulates itself, Egypt and Germany for winning the global competition organized by Samsung Electronics Company and IBM  based in SEOUL, South Korea and ARMONK, N.Y. 


GUC BrickThru 2020 alumni Salma Medhat and Ahmed Hisham, software engineers won the competition: “Call for Code Honoring Everyday Heroes Challenge” which requested participants to develop new know-how options to handle challenges experienced by firefighters when they arrive to a  scene with typically seconds to inspect the place and to focus their consideration to save lots of probably the most lives while the possibility of low visibility is high in addition to the lack of details about the place and the people. 


The GUC team discovered that wifi alerts are all over the place and can be utilized to detect people and their completely different actions like strolling or falling. Their cellular app resolution, designed to make the most of Samsung {hardware}, makes use of wifi-sensing know-how to find individuals, and applies filters to take away undesirable environmental interferences. IBM Machine Studying allowed the staff to coach the app to detect human actions as minor as respiratory. This might permit a captain for instance to scan a constructing and visualize the distribution of individuals inside. The app’s stay dashboard then updates in actual time to determine the variety of individuals positioned in each space and the closest firefighters to rescue them. This information helps the captain quickly allocate assist the place it’s wanted probably the most. The app also can observe firefighter well being metrics by means of Samsung smartwatches and may notify the captain if points are detected. Experiences after the fireplace occasion assist the firefighters analyze their efficiency as effectively.


It’s worth noting that both alumni, Salma Medhat and Ahmed Hisham, who are graduates of GUC’s Faculty of Media Engineering & Technology, had co-founded Egypt’s first anti-sexual harassment mobile application “Matkhafeesh,” an initiative which was widely acknowledged and won GlobalWIIN 2021 as Overall Platinum Award Winner  at “The Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network.”


The two graduates won two international Hackathons, organized by the World Bank and Vodafone Innovation Hackathon, with remarkable mobile applications; “FIJI Hackathon.”



تهنئة لمصر والمانيا للانجاز العالمي الذى يخدم الانسانية واحتضان الجامعة الالمانية بالقاهرة المواهب وتبنيها العقول المصرية النابغة.

فلقد حقق فريق الجامعة الالمانية بالقاهرة المكون من سلمي مدحت شعبان واحمد هشام ريحان فوزا عالميا جديدا في مسابقة "تكريم الابطال الذين يواجهون التحدي يوميا"

"Call for Code Honoring Everyday Heroes Challenge"

والتي نظمتها شركتي سامسونج الكترونيكس و اي بي ام من مقرهما في سيول بكوريا الجنوبية ونيويورك بالولايات المتحدة الامريكية، حيث طلبت من المشاركين في المسابقة تطوير خيارات جديدة للتعامل مع التحديات التي يواجهها رجال الإطفاء عند وصولهم إلى الحريق.

استطاع فريق الجامعة الالمانية بالقاهرة المتخصص في البرمجيات ابتكار تطبيق "البريك ثرو" ويعني "اختراق الحجر" وبالفعل استطاعا اختراق الحواجز الخرسانية التي تواجه رجال الاطفاء.

والعثور علي الاشخاص داخل المبانى وازالة التدخلات البيئية المعوقة للانقاذ.

ويمكن للتطبيق مراقبة مقاييس السلامة لرجال الإطفاء عن طريق الساعات الذكية لسامسونج