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Presidential Advisor for Health Affairs, Mohamed Awad Tageldin at the GUC in a Webinar on COVID-19 pandemic

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

The GUC’s Faculty of Pharmacy & Biotechnology organized a special Webinar on “COVID-19 Pandemic and Vaccine Status.”  Guest speaker Prof. Dr. Mohamed Awad Tag El-Din, the presidential Advisor for Health Affairs, gave an overview on the pandemic situation in Egypt and strongly urged all Egyptians to get their vaccination doses, affirming that all kinds of vaccines are available in Egypt.  Dr. Tag Eldin said that Egypt’s dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic was a “pioneering experience” led by the Ministry of Health’s professional medical cadres. The Presidential Advisor added that a study is currently underway to vaccinate children noting that the Egyptian government aims to vaccinate 40 million citizens.  He announced that that Egyptian Medicines Authority is currently conducting clinical trials to produce an Egyptian vaccine against the Corona virus.


Dr. Awad has noted that most of the reported side effects from Covid-19 vaccines were “mild” and disappear on their own within few days.  Vaccines are monitored continuously to detect its rare negative effects.


With regard to providing a third vaccination dose, Dr. Tag Eldin said that the Cabinet decided to grant a “booster” to the elderly, patients with chronic and immune diseases as well as the medical teams.


During this Webinar, the Presidential Advisor assured that most of the reported side effects of the vaccine are “mild” and disappear within few days, emphasizing that all vaccines are continuously and promptly monitored to detect its rare negative effects.


The Webinar with Dr. Mohamed Awad Tag el-Din was held within the framework of a series of videoconferences organized and coordinated by Ambassador Nihad Zikry, Director of International Planning Department at the German University in Cairo.


Egypt, which also included Webinars with renowned speaker Omar Ismail, Head of US Consumer Business at Goldman Sachs and Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin,  Senior Vice President, 2030 Development Agenda, UN Relations and Partnerships, World Bank Group.