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GUC Announces the Opening Application for Masters and Doctoral Degrees for University Graduates in English

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The GUC announces opening the applications for masters and doctoral degrees for young researchers from its graduates as well as graduates of Egyptian and international universities who wish to complete their academic career in the English language. This comes within the GUC’s believe in expanding the base of scientific research and its quest to localize the latest technologies to push the industrial and export capacity to attract huge investments to Egypt.


The GUC offers graduates the opportunity to join the faculties of Pharmacy and Biotechnology with specializations in pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology, the Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science with specializations in materials science, design and production engineering, mechatronics engineering, architecture and civil engineering, the Faculty of Information Engineering and Technology with specializations in electronics engineering, and network engineering, Communications Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology, with majors in digital media, engineering and technology, and Computer Science Engineering, Faculty of Administrative Technology, with majors in public administration and accounting, Faculty  of Applied Sciences and Arts with majors of graphic design, media design, and product design.


In addition, the GUC’s Center for Continuing Education and Liberal Studies of the Faculty of Post Graduate Studies will also launch a number of specialized diplomas, in the fields of molecular and transformational medicine, Nano therapies, pharmaceutical biotechnology, quality assurance and testing, data science, and communication technologies. Advanced mobile, air navigation systems, Cisco certified networks, at the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022.