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Ahmed Diaa Elsadr

In Alumni
Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Ahmed Diaa El Sadr graduated back in 2017 with Bachelor degree of Architecture Engineering from the German University in Cairo. He is not only an Architect but also a filmmaker and professional photographer traveling the world to document his experiences with professional pictures.


Ahmed is pursuing his career as a freelancer working with international brands for years now, helping them with new film perspectives and techniques to market their brands, specially travel filmmaking and photography as well as designing virtual reality projects for the Architecture field. He helps convert a vision and an idea into meaningful and useful output through creative direction. Having a sharp eye for latest technology helps him prioritize tasks, iterate fast and deliver faster.    


Ahmed successfully established three business, which are close to his passion and expertise; Voyage tellers, a travel agency that gives tourists a lifetime experience discovering the hidden gems of Egypt. Diaa Films is a company offering different services ranging from Filmmaking, Photography, Marketing Campaigns, Branding & Social Media Exposure and Studiovt, which is an Architecture firm that totally relates to his studies and education as an Architecture Engineer graduated from the German University in Cairo.


Based on his great passion and love for Egypt Ahmed started his journey in visiting touristic places in Egypt and documented his visits with artistic professional pictures under the name of “Aswat Masr”.  



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