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Mostafa Magdy

In Alumni
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Mostafa Magdy graduated fromGUC, Faculty of Management Technology, Class 2012. He is considered one of the excelling entrepreneurs in the Egyptian market founding an Egyptian fashion e-commerce brand known as “Palma”. The idea of the business came to Mostafa’s mind back in College when he questioned why there are no many successful local brands in Egypt. The regular laptop bags available in the market were not appealing so they wanted to create better ones for independent women who are always on the run, the initial stock of Palma was of around 100 laptop bags so they managed to sell all those bags and the money was re-invested into creating more bags.


The brand is empowering independent women to wear whatever they want. They design and produce all of their products locally. And they draw their inspiration from nomad artisans originating from Sinai and Aswan, blending their colorful patterns with international fashion trends to mold their unique design identity.

They design all of their products in house and produce them through third party manufacturers all based in Egypt. They sell their products online through their website and social media page. They started in Oct 2016 with one product line, which is women's handbags but currently expanding their product lines to cover clothing and accessories for both men and women.


Additionally mostafa founded another startup back in 2014 named “Patties” providing and selling Gourmet Burger & Hot Dogs in North Cost.



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