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Zeina Essam GUC Student, Established the First Arab Vocational School in the Arab World

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Zeina Essam, GUC Student, Faculty of Applied Sciences & Arts at the German University in Cairo, establishing the First Arab Vocational School in the Arab world. She has come up with a new brilliant idea to come over the problems of the students who are unable to complete their studies due to several reasons including financial conditions.


Zeina became a member in the Simulation of the Council of Arab Economic from 2010 till 2018. She had the chance to discuss the rationale behind her idea, the motivation that has pushed her to think about it, and the procedures taken to establish the project in the conference that was held in Hurghada in October 2020.


Fortunately, the idea has stirred the admiration of Ambassador Muhammad al-Rabi`, Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity. In addition, he decided to execute the headquarters under his kind supervision between the Egyptian and Jordanian premises, while taking into consideration to implement it in all the Arab countries.


It is worth mentioning that Zenia also is an excellent swimmer, she won the golden medal in 2020 in the Republican Swimming Championship. Moreover, she has participated in the Finswimming World Championships 2013/2014.