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GUC Graduates Launching Anti-Harassment Application “Matkhafeesh”

In Academic
Tuesday, December 8, 2020


GUC graduates of faculty of Media Engineering and Technology Salma Medhat Shaaban and Ahmed Rihan have launched an anti-harassment application called “Matkhafish” (ماتخافيش) or “Don’t be scared”. It aims to assist Egyptian women while protecting themselves from harassment. Not only does it provide the needed legal and social support to women, but also it cares about the psychological side of each woman who get exposed to such crucial action whether verbally or physically.

The application has been brought to light on 29th of November 2020 through its official Facebook page “Matkhafeesh – ماتخافيش” which has reached more than 4000 followers within only 3 months, this reflects how successful the project of our fresh graduates is.

Engineers Salma and Ahmed have decided to use their education in a useful way to help the community. Technology was the weapon by which they decided to fight sexual harassment. Impressively, they have implemented important features in the application which can easily help any woman in trouble, like: formulating a private room which includes all the contacts of people the lady can trust and the application can automatically call any of these contact whenever she faces any danger. Moreover, the application includes another amazing feature, which is a map that shows the types familiar harassments in each district through circular points, where each point has different color from the other reflecting the type, for example: verbal harassment has purple color, visual harassment has yellow color, sexual harassment has red color, and so on….. Throughout this feature, women can avoid going to such districts and the government also can start creating some social activities and increase its security there too.