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Luxor New Logo is Ready to Welcoming Tourists and Visitors

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Monday, November 30, 2020


General Ayman Al-Sharif, the Head of the Luxor City Council announced that the Armed Forces’ Engineering Authority, in coordination with Luxor governorate and the German University in Cairo, has completed the implementation of Luxor's new logo.

Al-Sharif explained that the model was made of materials that withstand various weather factors, especially the high temperature that Luxor is famous for. The length of the logo reaches three and a half meters, and the width reaches 10 meters. The model color is light beige which was chosen in line with the colors of the consolidated buildings and Luxor monuments.

Al-Sharif added that the committee which is in charge of the implementation chose to locate the two models, one at Luxor Airport, in front of the arrival hall, as if the new visual identity welcoming the visitors, and the other one in a distinctive area on the Nile Corniche to allow tourists and visitors take memorial photos.

GUC launched branding Luxor project, as a part of the new visual identity concept initiative launched by the GUC in 2017 under the auspices of President Sisi. Currently GUC in cooperation with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority working on implementing the remaining phases of the re-branding project in Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Aswan, and in 11 governorates.