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Ministry of Planning "Rowed 2030 Project" in Collaboration with the German University in Cairo Agreement- “Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship”

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Monday, December 7, 2020

The German University in Cairo celebrate the first batch of the 100-trainee professional degree program in Entrepreneurship, this certificate was offered by the GUC Faculty of Management Technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning, under the ROWAD 2030 initiative in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between Dr. Yasser Gamal Hegazy, GUC President and Dr. Ghada Khalil, project manager, last February 2019.

The program was designed to be an introductory experience for graduates of varying backgrounds who have not been previously exposed to entrepreneurship education. The professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship program was designed to deliver state of the art knowledge in tandem with practical skills development and practice of attitudes in an integrated experience.

Dr.Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, participated via video conference at the graduation ceremony for the first batch of the "Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship”. The Minister expressed her gratitude to the GUC for implementing this entrepreneurship program noting that the program is witnessing the graduation of 100 young people who are at the beginning of the path to become entrepreneurs and actively contribute to achieving the state's goals of economic and social development and achieving the goals and vision of Egypt 2030.

The program modules introduced participants to the meaning of entrepreneurship as a career choice, the traits and personal characteristics of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial mindset.  Moreover, the program allowed participants to assess their own personality traits and use this self-awareness in forming entrepreneurial teams.  The teams formed in the beginning of the program worked together on developing an idea into a full-fledged business opportunity. 

Participants learned how to assess markets and understand industries relevant to their chosen business venture, as well as build a business model.  Participants were required to conduct preliminary market tests to validate their concepts, and learned how to assess the financial feasibility of their projects.  Finally, participants learned how to pitch their venture idea to potential stakeholders, such as customers, partners or investors.

Training materials included eight modules: Who is an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurial teams, Idea to opportunity, Markets and Industries, Business Model Development, Concept validation and market testing, Financial Feasibility, and Pitching for funding.

The contact hours consisted of a rich mix of instructional sessions and practical workshops that assured participants’ attainment of the required entrepreneurship knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  The team of instructors taught the program consisted of GUC’s specialized PhD holders from the Innovation and Strategic Management majors (Dr. Rasha Saad, Dr. Iman Seoudi, Dr. Raghda Elebrashi, and Dr. Nancy Boushra), as well as teaching assistants from the innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy group (Mrs. Amira Magdy, Ms. Amira Eldibikki, Mrs. Salma Nader, and Mrs. Mayar Hossam). 

According to the Ministry’s selecting criteria, applicants had to be Egyptian citizen, had a university degree, at least 22 years of age and not older than 45 years, able to understand and communicate in English, interested in the field of entrepreneurship, and able to commit during the weekends. Applicants were interviewed and the best candidates were selected for the program

During the ceremony, Prof. Ehab Kamel, Vice President for Student Affairs, pointed out that this cooperation came within the university’s framework of supporting and adopting the culture of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he highlighted the role of GUC in stimulating and enriching innovation and creativity among youth, aiming to infuse the entrepreneurial culture and spirit into the students, by giving them the necessary foundation to transform their ideas into successful ventures.

In line with this, several trainings and activities were conducted at the GUC aiming at unleashing students' creativity, entrepreneurial, and management skills in preparation for a successful innovative venture startup journey. Moreover, Prof Ehab emphasized the university’s role through the establishment of employment fairs for entrepreneurs and "small and medium" startups since 2018, in which a number of the university graduates participated in with their successful businesses such as, Gameball, Robusta, and

He concluded that, entrepreneurship education is vital in guiding all learners to become more entrepreneurial-minded and that the implementation of entrepreneurship education within universities is crucial.

The closing ceremony took place on November 30th , 2020 and was attended by: Dr Ghada Khalil, the Director of Rowad 2030 project – Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and from the GUC:  Prof. Ehab Kamel, Vice President for Student Affairs, Prof. Noha El-Bassiouny, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Prof. Ehab Yaseen, Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Iman Seoudi, Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, and Dr. Rasha Saad, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the PI of the project.