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The Visit of the German Ambassador to Egypt Dr. Cyrill Nunn to GUC Campus

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Following his tour of the new construction sites at GUC Campus, Ambassador Nunn delivered a speech, in the presence of the Chairman of the GUC Board of Trustees Professor Dr. Ashraf Mansour and the GUC President Prof. Dr. Yasser Hegazy, where he highlighted the  below points of importance in his capacity as a representative of the German government:

“Despite COVID-19, the GUC and Professor Ashraf Mansour are working against all odds.  The GUC continued to have the highest possible recognition, highlighting the importance of exchanges and the merits of the presence of foreign teaching especially the “German” for Egypt which is carried out by both the German schools and universities.  I can only see that the future cooperation between our two countries in the different fields as having an excellent future because when there is a need, there is a will and there is also readiness for it.

The German market is open for all Egyptians looking for job, even in the COVID-19 year, as 620 thousand vacant jobs are currently still available.  The German government’s interest is very clear in providing opportunities for qualified Egyptian students who want to stay in Germany. 

For the first time in Egypt, a center is established (in Maadi) to deal with young Egyptians wanting to find jobs in Germany or wish to travel to start or complete their studies abroad. In their capacities, they bridge between the people in the two countries.  Thanks to GUC, Egypt has produced high-quality students, welcomed and embraced everywhere they go.”

Nunn said also that:” there is something fascinating about Egypt, as there is a common understanding that the German education is the best and has the utmost quality that anyone can get which leads to the fact that the demand to enter the German schools in Egypt is enormous. This is true also regarding the GUC, which is doing a very good job and delivering quality including, not only from the academic side, but also in instilling in GUC students the German discipline, seriousness and guaranteed respect of rules. This qualifies students to have a choice of possibly having a job here in Egypt or in Europe after their graduation.”

Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour welcomed Ambassador Nunn saying that:” GUC is enjoying a very special status offering study abroad programs in Germany, even during the time of the COVID 19 pandemic. GUC remains very grateful for the embassy’s efforts as it sensed the importance of this issue in a timely manner and had the backing of the Federal Foreign Office in Germany to facilitate our mission of keeping travel possibilities open for our undergraduate and postgraduate students.”

Additionally, Mansour noted that:” the GUC has the highest mobility for students among European university across  Europe. This is a privilege that we are enjoying thanks to the 66 strategic partnership agreements GUC has concluded with German universities, as well other numerous cooperation agreements with other universities and businesses worldwide.”

After the conclusion of the visit, Prof. Mansour bid Ambassador Nunn farewell who wished everyone all the best for the festive season ahead.