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Dara Tamer Mahmoud Hassanein

In Academic
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Dara is an Egyptian olympic champion in Aquatics Synchronized Swimming. She got her bachelor degree in Applied Sciences and Arts from the German University in Cairo in year 2019.

Dara competed in the women's duet at the 2016 Summer Olympics and was a member of the Egyptian synchronized swimming team that beat Australia at the 2016 Summer Olympics. 

Dara also had another dream as a graphic designer who discovered her passion to the concept of “illustration” which consequently turned into reality in 2018 through creating her company, “RebelCairo”; Rebel came to life with a quirky mix of three ingredients: art, fashion, and story-telling. The name “Rebel” represents a girl whom most of the pieces' stories are based on. Providing statement pieces that upgrade the everyday look, each Rebel creation is intentionally and passionately illustrated from scratch. Each collection, the brand’s founder and illustrator, Dara draws inspiration from endless sources: conversations, artwork, thoughts, memories or really messy sketches that were done in the car but if you’re not into digging too deep then just enjoy the colors, bold shapes, and fun prints.


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