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H.E Dr. Ashraf Soby , Minister of Youth & Sports - Visited GUC Campus.

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

H.E Dr. Ashraf Soby ,the Minister of Youth and Sports - visited the GUC campus on the 3rd  of November,2019.  Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the GUC along with a number of the GUC staff & academics have welcomed Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, the Minister of Youth & Sports and Ministry delegation. 

The delegation consisted of Najwa Salah, head of the Central Department for Cultural and Voluntary Programs, Manal Yousef, head of the Central Department for Projects and Youth Training, Reda Saleh, Director General of Public and Foreign Relations, and Ahmed Saeed, Director of the Technical Office in the Youth Sector.

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour accompanied Dr. Ashraf Sobhy with the Ministry of Youth and Sports delegation on a tour around the GUC campus. The tour included “Branding Egypt Center, GUC Solar City, Canon - Digital Printing Park, Special Needs Rehabilitation Center and ARAtronics Research Laboratory”. 

Dr. Sobhy praised GUC’s efforts in preparing students with the best scientific experiences required in the Labor market also he expressed his gratitude to  GUC developmental role in Egyptian society through its large number of projects and constructive initiatives and its constant support to innovative students.