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Egypt’s E-Commerce Summit, 2019!

In Alumni
Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Egypt’s E-Commerce Summit returns this year to drive the growth of the e-commerce industry in Egypt and the MENA region.The summit is to help break all the barriers that different businesses & industries are facing on their quest for digital transformation and online retail penetration.
For their 2019 edition, the event is set to present the breakthroughs taking the e-commerce scene by storm across MENA and explore on actionable strategies to change the landscape of e-commerce in Egypt.
Hussein Mohieldin is the founder and CEO of Robusta, one of the leading technology and product agencies in Egypt  (with an office in Germany as well) that has worked with local, regional and international businesses to help them implement different digital transformation programs. Robusta’s head office in Cairo is home to over 100 engineering and design consultants and its office in Germany engages with their clients in Europe with a special focus on Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Hussein had founded Robusta in 2013 after working with Quick Wins, a Dubai-based management consulting firm, for three years. He holds an M.Sc of Computer Engineering from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EFPL) in Switzerland and a B.Sc of Computer Science and Engineering from German University in Cairo.
What To Expect From ECS 2019!
E-Commerce Summit is designed by people from the business for people in the business. It stands on two key pillars: content & commercials. It is very much focused on bringing the world to Egypt by attracting key speakers of high relevance and fresh content that’s well-matched with audience profiles of C-Levels, Directors and decision-makers alongside parallel modules that facilitates the exchange of business and increases potential of collaboration across the different market players like the E-Commerce Summit Marketplace and the masterclasses
E-Commerce Summit is hoping to offer a dynamic platform to all these stakeholders to showcase the latest developments and technologies in e-commerce, identify and discuss the challenges and offer more investment opportunities to strengthen the industry in the region