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Youmna Abdelrahman – Exceptional Career Progress

In Academic
Monday, August 27, 2018

Yomna Abdelrahman got her Bachelor degree in Media Engineering and Technology from the German University in Cairo in year 2010, during her undergraduate studies at the German University in Cairo, she was part of RoboCup team 2010, which won first place in the logistics league. afterward she moved to Germany to start her Master’s degree in Computer Hardware and Software (INFOTECH) at the University of Stuttgart, and earned her Master’s degree in 2013, her master’s thesis was with the work titled “Thermal Imaging for Interactive Systems,” which was published in CHI2014. Afterwards In 2014 she joined the HCILAB at the University of Stuttgart as a research associate and PhD candidate. Currently she is a Postdoc in the Cyber Defense Institute in the Bundeswehr University in Munich. Yomna was chosen by Massachusetts Institute of Technology as one of the most influential 70 women globally in her field. She was awarded the Melbourne School of Engineering Fellows Grant during her Social NUI Microsoft research visit. During her PhD studies, she explored thermal imaging to build novel interactive systems. Also, her research contributed to the German Firefighters. Her work has been published in conference papers and journals such as CHI and IMWUT. Her research was recognized by the community and received a best paper award at MUM2015 and honorable mention at CHI2017 and MUM2018.Moreover, she was awarded the Ubicomp student award as one of the top five Ph.D. students in her field.


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