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The German University in Cairo Honors the Distinguished Top Ranked Nationwide Students in 2019

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Monday, August 5, 2019

The German University in Cairo witnessed the celebration to honor 34 top ranked National students eligible for GUC allocated full scholarships at the university various colleges.

Dr. Ashraf Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Trustees expressed the delight of all Egyptians with the success and results of high school students.

Mansour added that GUC graduates present an honorable image about GUC in various domains and in scientific forums in Egypt and abroad. Additionally, he thanked all faculty members for their persistent efforts with all students.

On the sideline of the occasion, Professor Ashraf pointed out that GUC students were able to produce a “Robot" with extraordinary abilities. This gives a good example for Egyptian youth who deserve full support to reach their goals.

Dr. Ashraf Mansour highlighted that the labor market is widely open for high skills and competencies, provided by the German University through its advanced curricula and various programs.

Mansour announced that the German University has so far 517 students from the top ranked Thanaweya Amma students, for whom, the university guarantees the availability of advanced technology, laboratories and the needed facilities for study and research.

It is worth noting that 34 male and female high qualified and outstanding students attended the ceremony, including 14 students from the natural science branch, 10 students from the math branch, and 10 students from humanities and social sciences division. Those students are aiming at joining the university various colleges and disciplines such as engineering with its different branches "Engineering and Materials Science - Civil Engineering Program. - Architecture Program - Information Technology Engineering - Media Engineering, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Management Technology, Applied Sciences, Arts, Law and Legal Studies.