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Rania Rafie & Yara Yassin

In Academic
Monday, March 4, 2019

Rania Rafie & Yara Yassin - two graduates from the Faculty of Applied Sciences & Arts, 2013 - The German University in Cairo had the idea of co-founding a new startup named Up-fuse.

Rania Rafie is the Co-founder & Managing Director, she holds a bachelor’s degree in product design, Rania believes she can use her knowledge to make the world a better place. She is interested in upcycling, sustainability, and design.

Yara Yassin is the Co-founder & Marketing Director, she is a designer and woman pioneer. Ever since she enrolled in the International Organization for Migration to empower women on the borders through product design, Yara has found her passion for sustainability.

“Up-fuse is a lifestyle brand and social enterprise that creates timeless pieces supporting local and ethical production.

we believe that small actions can make a big difference. With plastic bags taking almost 1000 years to decompose, it is one of the main environmental issues around the globe. Especially in Egypt, we are facing daily pollution to an extreme extent – and therefore we need to make a change. Up-fuse has developed techniques to upcycle plastic bags, transforming them into sustainable fashionable bags and accessories. Reducing waste also means reusing existing waste. One bag we produce can hinder almost 30 plastic bags from being thrown away.

Up-fuse works with the local NGO “Roh El Shabab” in Manshayet Nasr (the “Garbage City” in Cairo) to produce the recycled plastic material. A part of our revenue goes back to the NGO to support its activities as providing education and health awareness to the Mansheyet Naser community. Currently, 16 women work for Up-fuse to create our recycled material.” (Up-fuse official website)

In 2018 produced 10k bags, upcycled 180k plastic bags & created more than 50 job opportunities

Awarded by OSCE as a social business with social impact in the Mena.


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