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Christine Safwat

In Academic
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Pioneer Educational Influencer

Christine graduated from the German University in Cairo back in 2008 from the faculty of Information Engineering & Technology.

She is the Operations Director of Educate Me Foundation, Educate Me Foundation is aspiring to redefine education in Egypt and transforming it from being content-based to becoming skills-based. They believe that education is not about literacy but rather about self-actualization. It is about teaching the learner to dream and be able to mobilize himself and his/her resources to pursue their dream.


They are currently operating in 200 schools, in 8 Govern orates across Egypt with 5000 teachers.

Moreover, Christine was Selected as

-Top 20 Young Leaders across Africa in Harambe Entrepreneurship Alliance, April 2017. "First Egyptian to join the Alliance ever"

-Selected as Harambe representative at Vatican Forum 2017.

-Selected as top 20 Educational Leaders across the globe in WISE Learners Program November 2017 -RISE Egypt fellow, 2014-2016


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