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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Two graduates from the German University in Cairo Hend Riad & Mariam Sherif, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts Class 2012 took the initiative and founded their company “Reform Studio” which is an international award winning design studio. Its goal is to design creative responsible products that benefit the environment, have a positive impact on the society and satisfy a user need. Currently its work is mainly in the furniture and textile design fields, while focusing on its first product, Plastex. Plastex is a handmade fabric that translates the need for environmental sustainability, made from reused plastic bags and recycled cotton threads. The aim behind Plastex is to solve some of the major problems in Egypt.

Socially, Reform took reviving the weaving industry in Egypt, with its main goal to restore an old craft that is on the brink of extinction, were this craft goes back to more than 1000 years ago. 

By focusing on empowering local communities, encouraging craftsmanship, Reform took the opportunity to help and offer new job opportunities for the unemployed and uneducated limited resources women to create new sources of revenue and at the same time working from home. 

Reform Studio was officially registered in 2014 as a JSC corporate company. Plastex was prototyped, tested, and applied on three different collections of furniture with different styles to suit different tastes. Reform has its own production workshop and sells its products in showrooms in Cairo, Texas and London


2014 Cartier Women’s Initiative award presenting Middle east & North Africa, Deauville, France 

2014 Silver A’ Design Award, under the theme of sustainable products and green design, Como, Italy. 

2013 SaloneSatellite 2nd prize Award at Salone Internazionale del Mobile certified by Cosmit, Milano, Italy. 

2012 1st place Golden Awards at Design + Industry competition in FURNEX, certified by Egyptian Furniture Export Council and Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry Cairo, Egypt

Currently, Reform is collaborating with IKEA of Sweden to design the first ever African collection curated by Design Indaba to be launched in 2019.


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