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GUC Alumnus Dr. Ramy Atawia receives the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal in Canada

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Dr. Ramy Atawia received his BSc and MSc degrees from the GUC in 2012 and 2013, respectively. His graduation project and M.Sc. thesis were done in collaboration with Vodafone EG on network optimization. He got his PhD from Queen’s University, Canada in 2017. Atawia has worked as a machine learning and artificial intelligence researcher with Nokia Bell Labs, Belgium. Currently, he is a 5G system designer at Ericsson R&D, Canada developing and designing the inaugural 5th generation mobile networks.


  • His research work resulted in more than 20 scientific publications and 15 filed patents.
  • Received the best paper award in IEEE GLOBECOM 2017
  • Awarded the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal, the medal is awarded to Canadian university graduates with an outstanding academic performance (key achievement)


Quoting from Dr. Ramy words: “At the GUC, I was fortunate to be surrounded and supervised by such knowledgeable, creative and inspirational professors. Thanks to their endless support, guidance and patience, both my BSc and MSc research are remarkable milestones in my career. I got the chance, at such an early career stage, to publish research papers, attend international IEEE conferences, beside working with industrial partners. These are definitely the key reasons for receiving a PhD scholarship in one of the top universities in Canada. I am also grateful to the continuous effort done by GUC academics in developing a curriculum that adopts industry-oriented education, and strikes a balance between practical and theoretical aspects. Indeed that effort has paid off with many outstanding graduates that held positions in top-notch academic and industrial organizations. Another asset we got at the GUC is the SCAD office which was able to build an effective and highly visible collaboration with many multi-national corporations. I personally had an opportunity to do three fruitful internships; all were promoted by the SCAD office. Our professors always say “At the GUC, you will learn how to learn”, well, I couldn’t agree more.”



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