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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

In an effort to improve the public health, Dr. Tarek Zaki, a GUC graduate and currently a project manager at Bosch Sensortec, has won together with his team this year’s AMA Innovation Award for introducing the word’s first miniaturized 4-in-1 temperature, humidity, pressure and indoor air-quality sensor to the market. Not only the sensor allows to sense the surrounding environment but also enables the users to actively monitor, and thus limit, their exposure to hazardous gases. The AMA Innovation Award is presented since the year 2000 for outstanding research and development work. It is one of the most coveted awards in sensor and measuring technology.

Tarek Zaki graduated from the German University in Cairo in 2009 with a Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering. In 2014 Tarek earned his Ph.D. “with highest honors” from the university of Stuttgart. And during 5 years he has been honored for his outstanding scientific achievements and profound impact on research with 6 international awards. Currently Tarek holds a remarkable position at Bosch Sensortec as Technical Project Manager.


·        2018: Won together with his team this year’s AMA Innovation Award for introducing the world’s first miniaturized 4-in-1 temperature, humidity, pressure and indoor air-quality sensor to the market.

·        2017: Nominated and admitted to the Bosch Talent Pool; an honorable recognition to the highest performing employees at Bosch

·        2016: Awarded the “GUC Star” by the German University in Cairo for his prominent R&D contributions

·        2015: Awarded the “Preis der Freunde” during the 50th anniversary of the Association of Friends of the University of Stuttgart for his outstanding scientific achievements

·        2015: Awarded the “Dissertation Prize” by the Anton- and Klara-Röser Foundation for his distinguished post-graduate research

·        2015: Recognized by the top technology publication venue, Springer, for the scientific excellence of his thesis and its impact on research

·        2013: Honored the PhD Fellowship of the IEEE Electron Devices Society; he was the first representative of German and Egyptian Universities over the 10 years history of the award


Quoting from Tarek Words Looking back at my journey at the GUC has stricken a chord of nostalgia. An ocean of knowledge and memories, that embraced a meandering yet steep pathway to oneself, has come into perspective. How can I best describe the GUC?

The “G” stands for Global. Collaborations as well as partnerships to international universities, industries and organizations have been engraved at its core. This has indeed enabled to explore science at ever-greater breadth and depth. Discovering and executing innovative ideas have became limited only by one’s ingenuity.

The “U” stands for Unity. Among the 10,000 students, I have personally known the entrepreneur, the teacher, the artist, the inventor, the writer, the astronaut and the politician. For the pillars of a building standing apart, each has his or her own enriching contribution to our society, yet they all share a common profound vision: That is to make this world a better place.

The “C” stands for Creativity. In a world proliferated with information ubiquity, super computers, artificial intelligence and internet of things, our genuine creativity as humans has become all the more important. Hence, you may find mutual endeavor from both the staff and the students to strengthen that unique virtue in every field. This has yielded a radical transformation of our mindset and our potentials.

I personally admire the GUC for setting the primary solid bricks of my career and for that I am sincerely grateful. I have an implicit belief that our success traces its lineage to this prominent organization.


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