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GUC Innovators team came the 2nd in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia Competition 2018

In Science and Technololgy
Monday, March 26, 2018

GUC Innovators team came the 2nd in Shell Eco-Marathon Asia Competition 2018 which took place in Singapore from 8-11 March. The Shell Eco-Marathon is an annual competition sponsored by Shell and is considered the biggest competition in the world for the most power consumption efficient vehicles.

The competition included 120 international teams from 18 countries from Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. GUC Innovators team comes the 2nd  among 33 teams in the safety award and the technical team in the competition was impressed by their innovative safety system in the car that enhance the safety features for the driver using the most recent and advanced safety technologies through sensors and facial recognition features using smart cameras inside the car to ensure the safety of the driver.

In addition the team also received honors and praise from Shell organization in the Middle East and North Africa along with the support of Mr. Mohamed Abo Alkheir, the Egyptian ambassador in Singapore.

The GUC Innovators competed in the Electric vehicles category and they built, manufactured, designed and innovated full electric urban vehicle for one passenger that can be driven for one hour and half without charging the battery and maximum speed is 40 Km/hr.

The Team comprised 30 technical members from 5 different engineering faculties and 15 managerial members from 4 different faculties and they implemented the car inside GUC industrial park.