A success Story, Akram, a GUC Engineering Graduate who will travel to the Space

Akram Amin Ahmed Gamal El deen Abdel Latif

Born on 8th of March, 1988, Cairo


Akram is an alumna of 2010; he graduated from the GUC’s Faculty of Engineering and Information, communication major. Egyptian researcher, Akram Amin Abdel Latif was selected to be part of the exploration team, specialized in the field of Earth‐Oriented Space Science and Technology, a subsidiary of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA. Akram is to roam into space in 2017, after he is done with his preparation period in the state of Florida, USA.


Born in Cairo, 1988 … Akram was unquestionably inspired by his father, an officer in the Egyptian Defense Forces, Air force department. With his dad in the foreground, Akram fell in love with Space Sciences and aviation. He graduated from Omar Ebn El Khattab, experimental high school, as one of the top ranked Thanaweya Aama Students in Egypt. As a first step, he was admitted to the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.


Akram was simultaneously, picked out as one of the distinctive elite students who have been designated by the GUC to attain a full scholarship,( as per the GUC’s scholarship program for top ranked Thanaweya Aama scholars). The GUC’s primal criterion is academic excellence; it has to be nourished, looked after and definitely, strengthened. Every distinctive individual ought to be ensured a chance to proceed with excellence … he should realize the chance for a better future, consequently, a nobler community and ultimately, a superior Egypt. Akram joined up the German University in Cairo in September 2005. He was enlisted in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology; and was specialized in communicational engineering.


Throughout his educational vocation in the GUC, Akram benefitted from encompassing as well as the internationally accredited educational programs and curricula that are taught by the GUC’s individualistic team of professors and lecturers. The GUC objectives have constantly been the enhancement of mental analysis, teamwork, diversity of thought as well as exploiting all the University’s offered facilities. The German University in Cairo has also accentuated the prominence of learning languages (German and English) as a means of exploring cultures and accomplishing chances of education abroad and inside Egypt. Akram was able to presume a prosperous career.

Akram’s Journey of Success:

On his fourth academic year (2009), Akram managed to undertake an additional scholarship from the GUC where he was granted an opportunity to travel to Germany for 6 months to complete his Bachelor thesis; under the supervision of the University of Ulm’s professors who are specialized in Engineering and Communicational Technologies. The above mentioned scholarship has been of the scientific and educational collaboration between the Patron University of Ulm and the German University in Cairo.

Akram was then picked with other 50 unique scholars, out of 900 contenders, to study the ninth and tenth semesters at Stuttgart University as part of the Master Program according to the cooperation agreement between the University of Stuttgart and the GUC. The German University in Cairo gives the priority to these expeditions abroad and to the agreements with the Patron universities in Germany. These academic missions of outstanding students are the gateways to construct bridges of scientific research between Germany and Egypt, which is deemed as the locomotive of advancement of sciences in the modern age.

In July 2010, Akram attained his Bachelor degree from the German University in Cairo in Engineering and Communicational Technologies majoring in Communication Engineering. In September 2010, Akram flew to Stuttgart to complete his M.Sc. thesis. After achieving his M.Sc. in the field of Communication Engineering and Media Technology, from the University of Stuttgart, Akram was recruited as a communication engineer in one of the foremost German research associations. He joined the University of Munich and he earned his second M.Sc. in the domain of Astronomy, in 2014. This time, he chose his subject as the Earth‐Oriented Space Science and Technology. At the present moment, Akram works at the University of Munich, he is working on his Ph.D. with his substance as the Dynamic Aviation Systems, as well as Earth‐ Oriented Space Science and Technology. He is supervised by the TUM’s Institute of Flight System Dynamics. The most prosperous, ambitious and determined Akram joined the “Astronauts to Hire” association, an organization that grants individuals an opportunity to become involved in space programs. Akram was more than qualified; with his knowledge of aviation and diving pro techniques, our GUC graduate was a privilege to any association.

In 2014, Akram took his first steps towards space. Together with his colleague, Hanaa Gaber, a member of the association of “Egypt Against Hepatitis C Virus”, he submitted his innovative envisage in a competition carried out by the Supreme American Global Centre for Space. As a result of Akram’ s inventive research, the Centre made it available for Akram and his colleague to perform diverse investigations to unveil more undisclosed facts about Gravity. In 2015, Akram’s dream eventually came true. Out of 600 contestants, Akram was among 8 winners of the NASA POSSUM Program. The POSSUM trains researchers, in a scientific mission of four training modules supported by NASA for advanced climate research, to perform research work in the field of Earth‐Oriented Space Science and Technology.

That view of Earth from the way above is something Akram has spent years working towards. “The mission will involve a huge amount of work for me. But I definitely must not forget to enjoy the moment once I am up there”.


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