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German and French Ambassadors to Cairo at GUC

post date: 2/19/2020
In   Student Activity, Wednesday, February 19, 2020
On Campus

The German University in Cairo hosted a seminar by H.E Mr. Cyril Nun, the German Ambassador to Cairo, and H.E. Mr. Stefan Romatte, the French Ambassador to Cairo. Both ambassadors reflected on the German-French relations, policies of the European Union and the continuous coordination between the two countries within the framework of the Élysée treaty in 1963, which was renewed in Aachen in 2019. The treaties committed the two countries to work together towards achieving common foreign and educational policies as well as set activities to engage the youth of the two countries to engage positively for the benefit of the two countries.

The French ambassador additionally, praised the German university’s experience in Cairo as Germany’s largest transnational educational institution and confirmed France’s willingness to further solidify its cooperation with Egypt in the fields of higher education and scientific research. 

The seminar witnessed the attendance of a large group of students from GUC’s MUN as well as other interested students from GUC’s active working groups. 

The enthusiastic students were keen to ask questions about how the German-French partnership developed over years, their foreign policy priorities in the current world context and the means the two countries have used to successfully  integrate their efforts to achieve socio-economic growth which ultimately culminated in them being the 2 engines of the EU.

Finally, the students suggested preparing an exchange program for German, Egyptian, and French university students to contribute to a more positive open spirit between European and African youth that stimulates openness to other cultures