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Urban Transformative Syntax Elective Exhibition

post date: 12/10/2019
In   Academic, Tuesday, December 10, 2019
On Campus

The location of the Mediterranean Sea at the intersection between Asia, Africa and Europe, has been a transitional hub that played a prime role in the increasing rates of urbanization in the Mediterranean basin. With that, transformation parameters such as the economic activities of industrial zones, commercial activities of port cities, and the governmental actions in greater cities, made it clear that the proportion between population growth and urban development is directly related to the urban history and location of city on the world map.

As the industrial age developed, the dominant discourse of growth was not only seen as a key transition in social, economic and political power, but also in urban physical expansion which created new challenges for cities over time. As a result, both inland and port cities have become increasingly dislocated from one another, and urban physical independence has increased significantly.

Against this background, the study elaborates on the Mediterranean interlink between Europe, Asia and Africa, aiming at demonstrating the effect of global transformations on physical structures of 10 Mediterranean cities which have gone through major transitions in the last century.”