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Typography Course

post date: 12/15/2019
In   Academic, Sunday, December 15, 2019
On Campus

Third semester Applied Arts and sciences Students are introduced to the basics of designing with letters, words and text. It begins with exploring the history of Latin based typefaces, their classification and fitness for purpose in aesthetics, effective communication and functionality.

There is a lot of applications of typography in books, logos, posters and other media. The course includes typographic experimentation throughout the development of ideas in the testing and reviewing of the relationship between connotation and denotation i.e. the link between verbal and visual meanings and form. Also the students cover the anatomy of letterforms and layouts. Students learn good practice of arranging type on any 2d surface with hierarchy, legibility and giving the design meaning.

The focus of the course is understanding basic typographic rules, text typesetting, text structuring but also on the field of experimental typography.

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