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GUC Newcomers Orientation Academic Year 2019-2020!

post date: 9/28/2019
In   Academic, Monday, September 23, 2019  to Thursday, September 26, 2019
On Campus

In an annual celebration, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the GUC along with the GUC President Prof. Yasser Hegazy, GUC Vice President of Academic Affairs Prof. Slim Abdennadher and GUC Vice President of Student Affairs Prof. Ehab Kamel accompanied by Faculty Deans and Vice Deans welcomed the parents and the newcomers who chose to join GUC as a milestone in their career.

Four consecutive orientation days were held on GUC premises:

• 1st day, Sept 23th: Faculties of Engineering (except Civil & Architecture programs)  

• 2nd day, Sept 24th: Faculties of Management Technology, Business Informatics & Law and Legal Studies

• 3rd day, Sept 25th:  Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

• 4th day, Sept 26th: Facilities of Applied Sciences & Arts, Civil & Architecture programs

In his enlightening speech, Prof. Ashraf Mansour congratulated the students for their success and for becoming part of the GUC family. He also thanked the parents for their trust in GUC and for their efforts and support that they gave to their kids who have the potential – through GUC offered education - to become international calibers in the labor markets whether in Egypt, Germany or all around the globe.

Different Faculty members, Department Heads welcomed the students by presenting the bylaws and the regulations that govern the academic and the non-academic activities on Campus.

The GUC Ushering team devoted their efforts to welcome their new colleagues and their parents during the whole days of the event and made sure their first encounter was a remarkable one!