31-Jan-2015 Spring 2015 semester start Classes begin for 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th semester courses
31-Jan-2015 Start of Language Tutorials
From 31-Jan-2015
to 05-Feb-2015
Make up exams **
Winter semester courses
for 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th semester courses
02-Feb-2015 Deadline for submitting application for switching groups
07-Feb-2015 Start of Tutorials
12-Feb-2015 Deadline for adding courses
26-Feb-2015 Deadline for dropping courses.
From 07-Mar-2015
to 12-Mar-2015
English & Scientific Method midterm Exams **
From 14-Mar-2015
to 19-Mar-2015
Midterm - Exams for all students **
for 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th semester courses
31-Mar-2015 Deadline for payment of Spring 2015 tuition without late charges (second installment) *
05-Apr-2015 Palm Sunday (no teaching activities)
05-Apr-2015 Western Easter (no teaching activities)
09-Apr-2015 Holy Thursday (no teaching activities)
12-Apr-2015 Eastern Easter (no teaching activities)
13-Apr-2015 Sham El Nessim(H)
25-Apr-2015 Sinai Liberation Day(H)
From 26-Apr-2015
to 30-Apr-2015
English & Scientific Method Final Exams & RPW final paper handing in **
27-Apr-2015 Deadline for Financial Aid Application for Winter 2015
30-Apr-2015 Last Day of Lectures, Tutorials and Submission of Assignments all students
01-May-2015 Labor Day (H)
From 02-May-2015
to 07-May-2015
Preparations for Exams / Revision *
From 02-May-2015
to 07-May-2015
Languages Final Exams ** (CPS and German)
From 09-May-2015
to 24-May-2015
Final Spring Semester Exams **
31-May-2015 Deadline for season drop / selection of electives / changing study group / declaration of major (to be effective starting Winter 2015)
09-Jul-2015 Deadline for payment winter semester 2015 Tuition without late charges (1st installment) *
30-Jul-2015 Deadline for changing major (to be effective starting Winter 2015)