Collaborative Project of the, German University in Cairo and Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie

GUC and Deutsche Welle introduce the first MBA in Media Management to be offered in Egypt. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Media Management from the GUC. This supports the international exposure of Media management and practices to Egyptian and international calibers studying in German University in Cairo.

Prof. Ahmed Amin

MBA Director

German University in Cairo

Message from the Program Director


Egypt has a long and proud history of achievements in the area of media. Ancient Egyptians invented language and papyrus paper to facilitate the transfer of ideas to the masses. In the nineteenth and early twenty century, Egypt was one of the world’s first nations to introduce modern media outlets such as journalism, radio, and cinema.

In the twenty first century, globalization and technological advances have transformed the media into a full industry that is characterized by intense global competition. Competitiveness in such an industry depends on the organization’s ability to leverage its human capital.

To assist media organizations in developing their human capital, the German University in Cairo and Deutsche Welle have come together to develop an innovative program that balances state of the art business and media theory with practice in a Master of Business Administration in Media Management program. We hope that graduates of this program will become the future leaders of the regions media organizations.

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