University Council



Prof. Dr. Yasser Higazi

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Prof. Dr. Slim Abdennadher
Advisor to Minister of Higher Education
Prof. Dr. Kamilia Amin
Secretary General
Eng. Essam Hamouda

Faculty of Postgraduate Studies & Scientific Research

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Dimeery

Faculty of Information Engineering & Technology

Founding Dean
Prof. Dr. Paul Kuehn (University of Stuttgart)
Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Mahdy

Faculty of Engineering & Materials Sciences

Founding Dean
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Roos (University of Stuttgart)

Faculty of Media Engineering & Technology

Founding Dean
Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Grossmann (University of Ulm)
Prof. Dr. Slim Abdennadher

Faculty of Management Technology

Founding Dean
Prof. Dr. Erich Zahn (University of Stuttgart)
Academic advisor
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shoheib
Prof. Dr. Ehab Abou El Kheir

Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Founding Dean, Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Seliger
Founding Dean, Pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Stephan Laufer (University of Tuebingen)
Academic advisor, Pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Khayyal
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zakaria Gad

Faculty of Applied Sciences & Arts

Founding Dean
Prof. Dr. Rayyan Abdulla (Academy of Visual arts Leipzig)
Associate Prof. Alaa Anssary