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Student Life


The GUC is a thrilling educational and living experience. A mixture of students of different cultural and educational backgrounds makes up the GUC community. This diversity is the unique recipe that defines the sophisticated entity of the GUC. The variety of such backgrounds shapes a likewise unique character of our students. The students share their different ideas and unite their potentials to bring about the extraordinary outcomes in both their educational curricula and extracurricular activities.

The GUC’s educational system ensures the gradual growth of our students’ minds, while the extracurricular activities guarantee the blossom of their inner soul and the development of their potential skills. There are no books or professors that could teach our children such valuable skills; however, it is with their direct participation in the diverse activities organized by their fellow colleagues that they could plant them firmly. Some of those skills are; time management, multitasking, independence, commitment & dedication, sense of competence, professionalism, communication skills, presentation skills, managerial and leadership skills.

We believe that each student is unique in himself. Each student is encouraged to discover this fine quality that distinguishes him/her from his colleagues. The student life in the GUC is what will make our present students the leaders of tomorrow.