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GUC Medical Micro and Nano Robotics Laboratory wins best student project IEEE 2017

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

GUC Members of the Medical Micro and Nano Robotics Laboratory wins Best Student Conference Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Manipulation, Manufacturing, and Measurement on the Nano Scale (3M NANO), 2017. The work is titled ''Independent control of nanoparticle clusters'', and is co-authored by Eng. Mostafa Alaa, Dr. Anke, Klingner, Dr. Nabila Hamdi, Prof. Slim Abdennadher, and  Dr. Islam S. M. Khalil. 

Mostafa Alaa, GUC Engineering senior student, presented the recent work on the independent motion control of multiple clusters of nanoparticles (drug carriers) using controlled magnetic fields. This work demonstrated the ability to move and position the drug carriers independently using dynamic magnetic fields. This work enables positioning of multiple clusters simultaneously with application towards targeting of multifocal cancerous tumors using iron oxide nanoparticles. Mostafa received the Best Student Conference Paper Award in the closing ceremony of the conference on 11 August, 2017. 

This project received funding from the German University in Cairo and the Science and Technology Development Fund in Egypt. The work is partially supported-as well- by the DAAD-BMBF funding project