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GUC Internship Annual Awards

In Academic
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GUC celebrated the annual internship awards for more than 80 interns and volunteers who took part in 2016-2017 in GUC-Berlin marketing campaign, GUC-Summer Admission internship, and volunteers who took part in different GUC occasions that took place on campus. Prof. Ashraf Mansour, GUC Prime Founder and Chairman of the Board of  Trustees expressed in the celebration his gratitude to all the 3 groups and to the GUC staff who supervised all the programs.


The GUC students honored by the Prime Founder and Chairman Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour are for positive engagement in campus life for the following two groups:

  • Admission Internship Certificates - Summer 2016
  • GUC Berlin Booth Ushers' Recognition Certificates - Spring 2017 Campaign


He said that the wealth of the GUC lays in its calibers as students and as staff members whether are academic or non-academic.


The success that the GUC has in 15 years is preceded as it presented to the international community graduates like Akram Amin Abdel Latif the first Egyptian Astronaut., business leaders like Ghada Wally who was chosen in Forbes magazine list of honor for 2016, besides 2009 graduate Mina Bekheet who founded Panacea Innovation (UK) to bridge the gap between scientific research and scientific innovation. In addition to influential figure like Hussein Fahmy who is an IBM icon. 


The celebration was also attended by Prof. Yasser Hegazy (GUC Vice President for Student Affairs)