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Reinickendorf District in Berlin celebrates the active role of GUC Berlin in the Reinickendorf Community

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

In a celebration that is hosted by the German Reinickendorf district, Berlin city; GUC was invited as one of the significant contributors to the Reinickendorf Community. GUC Berlin Campus was praised for its participation in local fairs (MINT – which is a fair held with the aim of simplifying and promoting sciences to school children) as well as hosting children from various neighboring schools to train them on soft skills and introduce the Egyptian culture. This in addition to many other activities conducted for the benefit of Reinickendorf industries and community at large.


Among the invitees in this prestigious event were Motorola, Mercedes, and other multinational business firms and institutes located in the district of Reinickendorf. In the celebration, Prof. Mansour was hosted as a guest of honor by the officials of the District headed by the mayor.

In the booklet that is published to market for Reinickendorf, GUC Berlin campus was featured in a page titled “Cairo in the heart of Borsigturm” as it represents the state of the art education experience

Brochure link: ( GUC’s Berlin campus – which is 16000 sqm  has hosted since its inauguration in 2012 around 3500 students and trainees.


On the occasion, Prof. Ashraf Mansour, GUC Prime founder and Chairman of the Board of trustees was interviewed by the Morgen Post newspaper which is one of the leading newspapers in Berlin. In the interview, he mentioned that the choice of the location of GUC Berlin was significant for the students and for the trainees. It aimed at presenting the international exposure to the best professors in Germany and in Europe. In addition to the exposure to the German culture, industry and technology that the city enjoys. He expressed his hopes that the GUC will continue to expand and serve the community on a larger scale in Berlin as it does in Cairo.

The media covering this international celebration mentioned that GUC received a special recognition by the district as one of the most renown German universities outside Germany.


Morgenpost Newslink:

group picture:

Host Julia Schürmann, Manager of the Medical Park, Ralf Zürn, Manager of the unit ZÜRN Marketing Agency,  Professor Ashraf Mansour, Prime Founder & Chairman

Board of Trustees of the German University in Cairo, Frank Balzer, District Major of Reinickendorf, and Dr. Frank Steffel, Member of the German Parliament, present  together the new district profile of Reinickendorf.