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GUC MUN is represented in MUN Youth Assembly in UN headquarter, New York

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

On August of 2016, a historic event took place in the world of Model United Nations organizations globally; the first ever resolution written by MUNers for MUNers was officially adopted on the 26th of the month after a four-day long Assembly taking place at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Over 300 MUN representatives from around the world came together in one place and produced the adopted resolution in the MUN Youth Assembly organized by United Ambassadors; among the represented organizations was the German University in Cairo’s own model, GUCMUN.  


United Ambassadors, the organizer that diligently lead and facilitated the discussion and the resolution writing process, is an initiative founded in New York City by a GUC Alumnus, Nabila El Assar; with the main mission of developing global youth leaders, and everyday Ambassadors through Model United Nations. 


The Assembly focused on two main areas of discussion: the role of the Sustainable Development Goals in Model United Nations and global MUN reform.


Of the few organizations that were able to successfully have proper representation in every committee of the Summit was GUCMUN, with eleven representatives divided in pairs for each committee, with the exception of one. One of our aims as the team was assembled was to have holistic representation of the model and for all the participating individuals to have an aligned direction and similar mentalities; the team had both previous and current Secretary Office members, previous and current Bureau of Directors members, previous delegates, and current programme coordinators.  


The GUC MUN representatives were awarded for their remarkable work either due to their position paper writing skills or level of diplomacy. Furthermore, GUCMUN delivered two speeches to all the attendees of the Assembly in both the opening and closing proceedings; the first speech, in the opening ceremony taking place at the ECOSOC Chamber, delivered by GUCMUN’s previous Secretary of Academic Affairs Mohab Kaddah; the second speech was delivered by the current GUC MUN Secretary General and Secretary of Academic Affairs Merna Ghaly and Farah Mourad respectively during the closing ceremony of the Assembly in the General Assembly hall