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The German university in Cairo celebrated Class 2016 graduation Ceremony

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Integrity, Respect, Honor, Perseverance, Love for Peer, Cooperation, and Collaboration. Those are some of the values the GUCian have learnt throughout their years of studying.


In an impressive event The German university in Cairo celebrated Class 2016 graduation Ceremony.


About 2000 graduated this year from GUC. They are joining the market in Egypt and in Europe as graduates of one of the best universities in the arena. About 15 PhD, 75, 23 MBA graduates, and 3 Media MBA graduate joined the Class 2016 graduation ceremony.


Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour; the Prime Founder & The Chairman of BoT gave a speech where he welcomed the parents, the German high official guests, Egyptian High Official guests, and different GUC stake holders and partners from Germany as well as from Egypt.He encouraged the graduates to join the world’s markets having the knowledge and the experience they acquired by studying in the GUC while enjoying the GUC values to serve the humanity.


Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hashem Abdelkader, gave a speech where he supported the GUCians in their pursue of knowledge and of humanity serving. He congratulated them on achieving an important stage in their lives.


Ambassador Julius Georg Luy, the German Ambassador to Egypt gave a speech where he stressed on the invaluable role of the German University in Cairo in promoting, Science, research, and German standards.


Among the speakers and the guests of honor for the graduation are:

1- Dr. Dorothea Rüland, General Secretary of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) expressed his support to GUC graduate and Researchers. He indicated that the DAAD assigned special types of scholarships for the researchers of the GUC who proved to be of an outstanding scientific level.

He expressed his gratitude to the cooperation between an institute of scientific excellence, namely GUC, and DAAD the highest institute that supports academic exchange.


2- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weber, President of Ulm University, said that GUC researchers and graduates are among the best in Ulm University. He showed his appreciation to the profound cooperation between GUC and Ulm University

3- Prof. Dr. rer.nat.Frank Karglr, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology, University of Ulm.  Said that GUC presents graduates and researchers of the highest caliber


4- Prof. Kurt Rothermel, Director of Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems at University of Stuttgart and Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Stuttgart, said that he is impressed on different levels with both the capabilities of the GUC as an institute and the capabilities of the GUCian as members of this impressive education institute.

GUC pledge is a significant part in this graduation ceremony. Graduates pledged to serve the humanity and pursue the wellbeing of the mankind while enjoying the integrity and the honesty needed for that.


The celebration was attended by GUC vice presidents, Deans, Head of departments, and several academics. It was witnessed by different Business partners of GUC as well. Representatives from Stuttgart University, Ulm University, and other German universities attended the celebration as well.