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The German University in Cairo Holds the Set up Meeting of "the GUC Arbitration Center"

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Professor Ashraf Mansour, GUC Prime Founder and Chairman of the Board, together with Dr. Gamal Nada, Head of the Egyptian State Council and Chairman of the Arab Union of Administrative Judiciary, held the set-up meeting of the GUC Arbitration Center on Thursday May 26th, 2016. This is a realization of the cooperation agreement signed between the GUC and the Union on February 18th 2016.


The committee includes Egyptian judicial prominent figures, heads of judicial bodies in Kuwait, Emirates, Bahrain, leading Egyptian ministers, and Arab ambassadors. It includes, as well, representatives from different countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Libya, together with renowned Egyptian experts and pioneers. The members act as founders and counselors for the GUC Arbitration Center.


The establishment of this center is based on GUC belief in its social responsibility. It also targets to prepare and to provide qualified scientific and professional potentials in the field of justice to support the community and to encourage national industry.


In addition, the center creates a channel to settle disputes between parties and to promote economic advancement of the countries, where the GUC also aims at fostering the

Egyptian-Arab cooperation in different industrial, environmental, and research investment.