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Exhibition at the GUC /Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts Serving Egyptian Community

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Monday, May 16, 2016

On May 15th 2016, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour, Prime Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, launched the annual exhibitions of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts.


GUC students' projects are all interdisciplinary combining the three faculty departments (Media Design, Graphic Design and Product design). They reflect a high level of design understanding for cultural, economic, technological, and ecological conditions of Egypt. On another level, some of these projects are being applied between the different faculties; for example, between the faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts (FASA) and the faculty of Media Engineering and Technology (MET). The objective of tackling real needs and making a difference in the community is one of the main pillars of the GUC’s philosophy, which becomes visible throughout all projects displayed in the exhibition.   


Exhibitions held at the GUC campus are a pure reflection of its educational approach, which allows the students a great opportunity to create and innovate using the highly and latest modern technical presentation facilities. The students get a chance to present a broad theme, which inspires them to come out with practical designs.


All courses at the faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts (FASA) are project-oriented and they offer students a comprehensive opportunity to further explore the theoretical and practical aspects of their design's perspective and disciplines. Mainly after their bachelor’s project, each in their respective departments, students are given the chance to explore more interdisciplinary long-term projects with possible collaboration and group work.


Each project starts as a research topic under which a concept is generated and developed throughout the first phase of the ‘Advanced Design Project’ in the 9th semester; followed with multiple concept improvements of the execution and practical side of the project, which starts in their 10th semester. The students keep researching and developing their prototypes until they can reach a convincing proof-of-concept and finalized form of their previously imagined projects.


An awareness campaign movie for reduction of water consumption, environmentally friendly repackaging of bread, to reduce the harms of plastic bags, as well as introducing a map for Heliopolis to explore its beauty and encourage tourism are only some of the many insightful projects represented in this year’s 2016 exhibition.


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