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IMAGINE Entrepreneurship Program

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GUC’s entrepreneurship program “IMAGINE” got the second place in the “Innovative Youth Incubator Award” competing with more than 40 incubators from all over the world. The competition was organized within the “4th International Conference for innovation and entrepreneurship” in Toronto, Canada to showcase novel and innovative institutional incubators and similar initiatives that focus on the development of young entrepreneurs. A special book will be published including the cases of all top 10 incubators. The winners in order are: CSE Lab (Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen University, Denmark), IMAGINE (German University in Cairo), IDEA (Northeastern University, USA).


As the development of young entrepreneurs is receiving much greater attention across the world, the International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Launched an international competition to recognize and disseminate innovative practices developed by institutional incubators and similar initiatives to develop young entrepreneurs. Based on the judging criteria that mainly emphasized effective performance, an innovative approach, high impact, and inclusion of diverse candidates, the GUC Entrepreneurship Program “IMAGINE” won the 2nd place competing with more than 40 incubators worldwide. The Copenhagen School of entrepreneurship lab in Denmark came in the first Place and IDEA incubator of the northeastern university, USA came in the third place.


IMAGINE was launched in 2013 with funding support from the DAAD and in cooperation with Phillips university of Marburg. Through its annual development cycle and other entrepreneurial activities. It adapts a unique approach in developing GUC entrepreneurs from all faculties to launch their successful startups in all fields. Among its prominent startups are Breakout, Chameleon Co-Working, Binary-eye, and others.